System Development

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

-to describe system development process

It is made of the following phases:


Feasibility study:

  • technical/tactical feasibility:can we build it, organization feasibility:will people use it,
  • economic feasibility:return on investment


  • requirements-what are the business and technical requirements?:
  • use interviews,questionnaires to collect and analyze the requirements,
  • are you building a new system?
  • system proposal will be prepared and presented

Design Phase

  • user interface
  • forms and reports
  • programs to be used
  • files and data structures
  • database and file specifications

Implementation Phase

  • where is the system built or purchase?
  • it can be outsourced or purchased off the shelves
  • system construction
  • system installation/ conversion
  • system support/maintenance -reviews -where is the system developed-