Career Opportunities in ICT

Career Opportunities in ICT Lesson II

By the end of the lesson, you should be able to: Describe various career opportunities in ICT

Computer Technicians

  • By use of diagnostic softwares, the locate the cause of failure and fix computer equipments
  • They install new hardware and software
  • They service and maintain computer equipment according to manufacturer's recommendations
  • Assembling and upgrading computers and their components

Computer Trainer

  • They train people on how to use various application programs.
  • Prepares standard assessment material and administer them to leraners to assess their knowledge.
  • Prepares training materials and training schedules
  • Guides learners on the career opportunities in ICT field

Webmaster/Web Administrators

  • Develop and host websites with webhosting companies
  • Updates websites to meet the current needs of their clients
  • Maintains the websites by checking for errors
  • Ensures data security by implementing access levels control based on roles
  • Registers the website with a search engine to increase hit rates
  • Monitors and provides statistics on the performance of the websites

Web Designers

  • Responsible for design and creation of websites

Network Administrators

  • installation of new file servers and workstations
  • Troubleshooting of LANs
  • Backup of servers and workstations
  • Upgrade of existing software
  • Administration of network security

System Administrators

  • co-ordinates system updates
  • provides assistance in testing new equipment and systems
  • trains technical staff  how to use or access a new system
  • establishes access controls and data security
  • optimises performance, ensures system backup, set up system recovery procedures in case of system failure.
  • Determines information needs,system definitions and data flows in consultation with technical,manegerial and administrative staff.