Security Threats and Controls

Security Threats and Controls

By the end of the lesson you should be able to: state control measures against hardware failure state and explain threats from malicious programs state the control measures against malicious programs  

Control Measures against Hardware Failure

  • use of UPS and surge protectors to protect computers against brownout and blackout which may cause physical damage or data loss.
  • Use of disaster recovery plans which involves establishing of offsite storage of organization's information assets e,g servers, databases and softwares

Threats from malicious programs

Common types of malicious programs include:

  • Trojan Horse are malicious programs that seems to be genuine but they do undesirable activities behind the scenes.
  • Worms malicious programs that replicate and clogs the memory causing computers to hang. Worms can be transmitted by transmission media in a networked environment.
  • Boot Sector Viruses these destroys the booting information on storage media.
  • Files Virues attaches themselves to files
  • Hoax Viruses are malicious programs that contains attractive messages but may affect a computer system.

Control measures against malicious programs

  • Installing a memory anti-virus software
  • Scanning file attachment for viruses before opening
  • Backing up of softwares and data at regular intervals
  • scanning of removable storage media before using them