Internet and E-mail

Definition of Terms used in Internet

By the end of the lesson you should be able to: State and explain the meaning of various internet terminologies:

Define the following terms used in the Internet

  • Internet - refers to a global interconnection of computer networks for communication and resource sharing.
  • World Wide Web - refers to a virtual network of websites connected by hyperlinks.
  • HTML - This is a markup language used to create web pages
  • What is HTML in full? - Hypertext Markup Language
  • Website -  a collection of web pages that are linked together by hyperlinks
  • Web Browser - refers to application software that is used to view webpages stored on the web servers by typing web address/ URL on its address bar.
  • HTTP - refers to the protocol used by a web browser to request and receive web pages from the web servers
  • What is HTTP in full? - refers  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Blog - refers to a special type of web sites containing information that can be edited and updated regularly by users
  • Web Portal: refers to the websites dedicated to performing specialized services e.g student portal of a university website
  • Network Interface Card - a piece of hardware that allows computers connected to a network to communicate