Introduction to Computers

Hands-on Skills Lesson III

By the end the lesson you should be able to : Perform the four mouse operations Define the four mouse operation terminologies  

Mouse Skills

Guidelines for using a mouse

  1. The mouse should be placed on a flat smooth surface
  2. use the thumb and two fingers to hold the mouse, the middle finger should rest on the right button, the index finger on the left button, and the thumb on the side.

Common Mouse Operations

Clicking - Pressing and releasing the left mouse button once. This operation is used to execute commands and select icons

Double-clicking: Pressing and release the left button of the mouse twice in quick succession.  This operation is used to open a folder or a file or to launch an application

Right-Clicking - This refers to pressing and releasing the right button of the mouse once. This operation is used to display a context menu.

Drag and Drop - It is where the user points to an icon, hold down the left button of the mouse and drags the icon to the next location, and releases the button.


By Donald Trung Quoc Don, Computer Mouse