Q&A-Word Processors

Give two examples of each of the following application packages       

a)Spreadsheets                                                                                                                               (2mks)

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • Google Sheets
  • OpenOffice Calc

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b) Word processors                                                                                                                          (2mks)

  • Microsoft Word
  • Wordpad
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • Lotus Word Pro


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Explain the term proofreading as used in word processing (2mks) [kcse 2017 Paper 1]

  • It is the use of proofing tools like spelling and grammar checkers and autocorrects to check whether a document has typographical or grammatical errors


With the aid of an example, explain the term multilevel list as used in word processing

  • it is a format style that shows the listed items of different levels rather than at one level. Each level has a different indentation and numbering style

1. Chapter 1

     1.1. Introduction

                 1.1.1.Definition of terms


State the functions of the following features in word processors

  • Thesaurus - Is a feature in a word processor that suggest words with the similar or opposite meaning to the one selected
  • Comments: a feature in a word processor that allows a user to attach a remark about the selection


What is block operation as used in Microsoft word?

An editing or formatting procedure that is carried out on a selected block of text in a word-processing document.

A formatting or editing operation that is applied to a block of text after selecting. The block of text can be a paragraph, line, word, page or the whole document. It is much easier to apply editing or formatting to a block of text than to apply it to every single character


Defining  blocking of text as used in  word processing

  • Refers to selecting a group of text eg word, sentence or even a paragraph in order to work with it as a whole


Describe overtype and insert modes as used in word processors

  • Overtype mode: deletes the current text at the cursor position and replaces the existing characters with new text
  • Insert Mode: pushes the existing text away as new text is inserted between the existing text


State three documents that are used during mail merging in word processing

  • Main document
  • Data source
  • merged document