Pangani Girls CRE Paper 1

1)(a)Give reasons why the bible is referred to as the word of God. (5marks)

(b) Outline the differences between the traditional African view of evil and the biblical concept of sin. (7marks)

c) Identify ways in which evil is corrected in the Traditional African Communities. (8marks)

2)(a) Describe the covenant ceremony between God and Abraham in (Genesis 15:1-19) (6marks)

b) Explain eight ways in which God prepared Moses to be the future leader of the Israelites. (7marks)

c) Explain the relevance of the promises that God made to Abraham during his call to Christians today. (6marks)

3) a) Outline the failures of king Saul. (6marks)

b) Outline ways in which Jeroboam contributed to religious schism between Judah and Israel. (8marks)

c) Explain the causes of power struggle in the church in Kenya today. (6marks)

4) a) Outline the role of prophets in Israel. (7marks)

b)Describe the vision of the swarm of locusts as narrated in Amos 7:1-3. (6marks)

c) State seven reasons why Christians pray for others. (7marks)

5. a) Outline the teachings of prophet Jeremiah concerning judgment and punishment in Judah. (6marks)

b) Describe the fall of Jerusalem in Jeremiah 39. (7marks)

c) Explain the relevance of Jeremiah’s teaching on the new covenant to Christians today. (7marks)

6. a) Outline seven roles of ancestors in the Traditional African Communities. (7marks)

b) Explain seven factors which promote harmony and mutual responsibility in the Traditional African Communities. (7marks)

c) Give reasons why disputes over property ownership are common in society today. (6marks)