Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E)

44//2 Agriculture 2 Paper 2 2 hours


Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided

1. Give four reasons for feeding lambs on colostrums (2mks)

2.List four materials that can be used in the construction of Kenya top bar hive (2mks)

3. State four management practices carried out on a cow during parturition (2mks)

4. Name four methods of controlling Newcastle disease in chicken (2mks)

5. State the role of the following practices when rearing piglets i) Iron injection ( ½mks) (ii) Tooth clipping ( ½mks)

6. State two functions of fats and oils in animals body (1mk)

7. State two functions of a queen bee in a colony (1mk)

8. Name four species of fresh water fish reared in Kenya (2mks)

9. State two forms in which tapeworms are found in livestock (1mk)

10. Give the distinguishing colour for each of the following breeds of livestock (i) Chinchilla rabbit ( ½mk)(ii) Toggen burg goat ( ½mk)

11.State two functions of ventilation in an animal house (1mk)

12.State one role of each of the following ingredients as used in preparation of artificial colostrums a) Castor oil (1mk)(b) Cod liver oil (1mk)

13.Give two reasons for using litter in a poultry house (1mk)

14. State four reasons for breeding animals (2mks)

15. State the functions of each of the following (a) Shovel( ½mks) (b) Strip cup ( ½mk)

16. Why is it necessary to have guard rails in a farrowing pen (1mk)

17. Distinguish between the following practices as used in livestock production (a) Cropping and harvesting in fish farming(1mk) (b) Crutching and ringing in sheep management (1mk)

18. State three instances when a bee keeper may handle bees(1 ½ mks)

19. State three functions of rumen in ruminant animals (1 ½ mks)

20. Give two signs that indicate that a cow has died of anthrax (1mk)

21. Why is raddling essential in sheep management (1mk)

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

22.(a) If the maize meal contains 6% digestable crude protein (DCP) and Fish contains 64% DCP, calculate the amount of each feed stuff in Kilogrammes required to prepare 200kg of chickmash containing 18% DCP (4mks) (b) Name two other feed ingredients which should be added to the chickmash to make it a balanced diet

23. The figure below is a pig with some body parts. Study it and answer the questions that follow (i) A farmer wants to select a breeding stock. State the three physical qualities the farmer should asses in order to select a pig (3mks) (b) Study the illustrations below of a hard flow foundation in a farm structure (i) Name the parts labeled R and T (2mks) (ii) State three advantages of concrete floor (3mks)

24. The diagram below represents some farm tools (a) State the use of each tool on the farm (b) Explain two maintenance practices that should be carried out on the teeth of tool S in the diagram(2mks)


Answer any two questions in this section in the spaces provided after question 26.

25. (a) Explain the factors considered when culling livestock (5mks) (b) Explain five factors considered when sitting a cattle dip (5mks) (c) Give four conditions necessary for artificial incubation (4mks) (d) Outline the factors a farmer should consider to ensure fast and efficient cultivation by oxen (6mks)

26. (a) Desrcibe East Coast Fever (ECF) under the following sub headings (i) Animal attacked (1mk) (ii) Causal organism (1mk) (iii) Signs of infection (5mks) (iv) Control measures (3mks) (b) Explain seven factors that affect milk composition in dairy farming (7mks) (c) State the advantages of a of a four stroke engine over a two stroke engine. (3mks)

(a) Describe the feeding practices in artificial rearing of a dairy calf (10mks) (b) Describe the life cycle of a three host tick (10mks)