OCT. /NOV. KCSE 2021


  • This paper consists of two sections; A and B
  • Answer question 16 and any other three questions from section B
  • All answer should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper.
Q1. 1. State two ways in which a computer may be used in a healthcare  sector other than record keeping
  • Patient monitoring
  • Used to control medical equipment e.g ultra sound
  • medical research and studies
  • communication and telemedicine
Q2. State four operations that may be performed on a file by an operating system
  • file deletion
  • file copying
  • file renaming
  • file retrieval
  • file closing
  • file reading
Q3. Explain the term website as used in the internet
  • A collection of related webpages under the same domain name
Q4. Explain a reason necessitating  governments to enact data protection laws
  • To provide legal backing so that it is possible to seek redress if the rights are violated
  • To observe copyright for those who create original works
  • To protect the confidentiality of information kept  about an individual
Q5. When an image is inserted in a DTP document is selected, handles on its placeholders appear.  State three uses of these handles
  • Used to resize the image
  • Used to rotate the image
  • Used to move the image
Q6. State a circumstance under which dry-run testing is performed when developing a program (2mks)
  • To detect and remove errors
  • To confirm if the program produces the expected output
Q7. State two ways in which data validation is implemented on an input form of a database application
  • By setting the validation rule for the input controls on the property sheet in design view
  • By use of VBA to restrict user inputs for a given control on a form
  • By use of queries to restrict options available for the user in a combo box or listbox
  • Setting correct data types for the fields in table the design
  • Enforcing referential integrity in database relationships
  • Use of input mask for the controls on the property sheeet in design view
Q8. Mikal has been employed as a computer trainer in an organisation. State three roles that she is likely to play in the organisation
  • Developing training materials
  • Training computer users
  • Conducting ICT examinations
  • Managing the learning and examination process
  • Developing guidelines for using the computer lab
  • Planning the course content
Q9. List three electronic data processing modes used in computers
  • Realtime processing
  • Batch processing
  • Timesharing
  • multiprogramming
  • Online
  • Batch
  • Distributed