OCT. /NOV. KCSE 2007


  • This paper consists of two sections; A and B
  • Answer question 16 and any other three questions from section B

  • All answer should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper.



Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

1.Describe the computer booting process.    (2 mks)

2. State the functions of the following keys on the computer keyboard   (2 mks)

  a) Backspace

  b)Insert (ins)

3. Jane has noticed the following problems with her computer keyboard    (2mks)

  • It is taking a longer time to start-up;
  • It is often hanging;
  • Applications are taking longer to load.

 State three possible causes of these problems and how they can be solved (3mks)

4 a)Define authenticity as used in software selection  (1mk)

  b) List four ways of acquiring software in an organization     (2mks)

5 some of the storage disk available are:  zip disks, 3 ½ inch floppy disks, DVDs and 5 ¼ inch floppy disks. Arrange these devices in ascending order of storage capacity.    (2mks)

6.You have been asked to change your computer password. State a precaution you need to take in order to avoid each of the following:           

a) Forgetting the password     (1mk)

b) Hacking       (1mk)              

7.State four benefits of using a computer in a school library   (2 mks)

8. Using six bits, find the two’s complement of -2310.     (4 mks)

9. Explain data series, axis and legends as used in spreadsheet charts.  (3mks)

  • Data
  • Axis
  • Legend                       

10. a) Describe the term data integrity.                                            (2 mks)

     b) State four situations in which data may lose integrity.           (2mks)

11.State the function of each of the following:

            a)Network interface card                                                           (1 mk)

            b)Network protocol                                                                    (1 mk)

           c)Hub                                                                                         (1mk)  

12. List four types of publications that can be designed by using desktop publishing software.   (2mks)

13. Differentiate between the following pair of terms as used in database design:

    a)  Input mask and design.                                                           (2 mks)

    b) Table and query                                                                      ( 2mks)

14. List four factors to be considered when purchasing an operating system.     (2mks)

15   Write an algorithm to compute the area of a triangle.   (2mks)


Answer question 16 and any other three questions from this section in the spaces provided

16. Study the flowchart below and answer the questions that follow


i) Name the control structures used in the flowchart                 (2mks)

ii) Determine the values of M, N, P and Q.                                ( 4 mks)

M………………………….. N………………………..

P ………………………….. Q ………………………

  iii) Write the pseudo code for the flowchart   (7mks)

 b)  List four functions of an assembler    (2 mks)

17. Define the following web related terms:       

 i)  Web browser   (1mk)

 ii)  Hyperlink      (1mk)

iii) Hypertext document                (1mk)

b)  List six activities performed on the web      (3mks)

c) An institution has ten stand alone computers

i)  Suggest with reasons the most appropriate topology required to inter-connect the computers.   (3mks)

ii) State the necessary steps required to connect the computers to the  internet.      (4mks)

d) Below is an email address:




Name the parts labeled:




18.A computer C directory has folders for form 1, form 2, Form 3 and form 4.  Each class has student’s folders labeled according to their number.  The students create their own folder for the subject the are studying based on the table shown below


Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4











a)Assuming there is one student per class, draw the corresponding directory tree structure.  (6 mks)

b) i)  a form four student wants to create a folder to store her project. State the path for that project folder.(2 mks)

ii)Suggest how the student can ensure that:

                        1.         Work is not lost in case the hard disk fails.                (1mk)

                        2.         The project is not copied by other students.               (1mk)

c) i).  Other than I/O devices, list other three devices under the control of the operating system.                                                  (3mks)

 ii)Explain any one of the devices named in C (i) above            (1mk)

d)Define the term trouble shooting    (1mk)

19. A manager wishes to replace the current manual system with a computerized one

 a)Describe three main areas that must be evaluated to justify the  replacement   (6mks)

b) List the three areas that would be considered in the requirements specifications.      (3mks)

c)State and explain three ways that can be followed to replace the current system    (6mks)

20. a)  A head teacher keeps the following student details in a database:  Name, Address, Town, Date of Birth, Marks scored, Fees paid.

i)Name the most appropriate primary key. Give a reason      (2mks)

ii)For each item in the student’s details above, indicate its most appropriate data type as used in the database.           (3mks)

iii)Explain why input screens are better data entry designs than entering data directly to a table.        (2mks)

b)List two career opportunities associated with databases.       (2mks)

c)Distinguish between:

i) A table in a word-processing application and a table in a database application (2mks)

ii)Mouse pointer and insertion point.    (2mks)

d)Outline the steps to be followed in order to merge cells in a word processing table.    (2mks)