OCT. /NOV. KCSE 2006


  • This paper consists of two sections; A and B
  • Answer question 16 and any other three questions from section B

  • All answer should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper.

Q1. Computer Studies KCSE 2006 Paper 1


1.What is meant by

    a)Analogue data

     b)Digital data                           (4 mks)

2. Distinguish between transcription and transposition types of errors and give an example of each  (4mks)

3. a)What are peripheral devices?  (1mk)

   b)Give two examples of peripheral devices  (1mk)

4a)What meant by the term user-friendly as used in software development? (1mk)

  b)Distinguish between the terms single-tasking and multi-user as used in operating systems  (2mks)

5.What actions should be taken in case of a fire outbreak in the computer laboratory?  (4mks)

6a) What is an Internet Service Provider?    (1mk)

  b) An employee in a business company is charged with the responsibility of putting the company advertisements on the Internet.

 i) State the professional title of the employee. (1mk)

ii) Give an example of software used by this employee to carry out the above task.    (1mk)

7.Differentiate between COM ports and LPT ports     (2mks)

8.Explain two ways in which ICT can enhance commerce.  (2mks)

9. Explain the following software terms:

    a) Portability       (1 mk)

    b) Modularity      (1 mk)

10. a) State two application areas of desktop publishing software. (2mks)

     b) Explain the following graphic terms:                                                                                     

     i) Rotate (1 mk)

    ii) Crop  (1mk)

12. a)List two arithmetic operations that can be performed on a row of numeric data in a word processing table.    (1 mk)

     b) In each case of (a) above, write the expression used.  (2mks)

13. List two methods of gathering information during the system development process   (2mks)

14.Name three types of optical disks.(3mks)

15.The diagram below shows a formatted plate surface of a storage disk.




            Shade and label:

            a)         one sector                                                                                ( 1mk)

            b)         One block                                                                                (1mk)


Answer question 16 and any other three questions from this section in the  space provided

16 a) List two examples of:

       i) Third generation languages    (2mks)

       ii) Object oriented languages    (2 mks)

b) Draw a flowchart to compare three non-equal numeric values A, B, C and prints the largest of the three. (11 mks)

17 a) One of the functions of an operating system is job scheduling.  Explain what is meant by job scheduling.   (1mk)

    b)List and explain three types of user interfaces.                      (6 mks)

    c)Describe the following categories of software:

       i) Firmware                 (1mk)

       ii) Proprietary software  (1mk)

     d) a new company XYZ intends to go into the business of desktop publishing. Advise the company on three computer hardware system specification features to consider as a measure of enhancing performance. (6 mks)

18. a) distinguish between the following sets of terms as used in spreadsheets.        (2mks)

     i)Worksheet and workbook

     ii) Filtering and sorting

     b) State one way in which a user may reverse the last action taken in a spreadsheet package.        (1 mk)

     c)The following is a sample of a payroll. The worksheet row and column headings are marked  1, 2, 3, .  and A, B, C.  respectively