OCT. /NOV. KCSE 2005


  • This paper consists of two sections; A and B
  • Answer question 16 and any other three questions from section B

  • All answer should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper.




OCT./NOV. 2005



Answer all the questions in this section.

1. a) What is disk formatting?                                                        (1mk)

b) Indicate whether the following devices are used for input or output  (2mks)

i) Plotter

ii)Light pen


iv)Visual display unit

2.a)Explain why the following and give one reason why they are not allowed in a computer laboratory. (2mks)

b) For each of the following give one reason why they are not allowed in a computer laboratory.  (2mks)

i) Smoking

ii)Eating foods

3.Distinguish between Real, integer and Character data types as used in programming (3 mks)

4.The cells k3 to K10 of a worksheet contain remarks on student’s performance such as very good, good, fair and fail depending on the average mark.  Write a formula that can be used to count all students who have the remark “very good”      (3mks)

5.a) State the purpose of registers in a computer system               (1mk)

b)Name two multiprogramming operating systems                   (2 mks)

6.a) A series file comprises of records placed in positions 1 to 10.  State the position of the end of file marker.      (1mk)

  b)State the purpose of each of the following: (2mks)

 i)File server software

ii)Communication software

7.a) Name the control structure depicted by the flowchart below.                   (1 mk)


b)Explain the following terms as used in program implementation.      (2mks)

 i)Parallel running

 ii)Direct change over

8. Consider the linear arrays:

 i) AAA (5:50)

 ii)BBB (-5:10)

 iii)CC (18)

Find the number of elements in each array (3mks)

9.Define the term artificial intelligence  (2 mks)

10.Name two types of relationships that can be applied in database design  (2mks)

11.Explain binary Coded Decimal code of data representation (1 mk)



 c)Word wrap

12.Outline two ways in which a computer can be used in hotels               (2 Marks)

13.a)Explain Binary Coded Decimal code of data representation (1marks)

 b)Write the number 4110 in BCD notation (1 mk)

14.Arrange the following data units in ascending order of size.

   BYTE, FILE, BIT, NIBBlE     (2mks)

15.State two health issues that may result from prolonged use of computers     (2 mks)


16. a) State the stage of program development in which  (4 mk)

i) A flowchart would be drawn

 ii)The programmer would check whether the program does as required

 iii)The user guide would be written

iv)The requirements specifications would be written.

b)State the output of the following flow chart segment                  (1mk)

c) i)Draw a flowchart to compute the combined resistance ® of two resistors R1 and R2 in parallel using the formula;


ii)Write a program using Pascal or C languages for the flowchart in C (i) above. (5 ½ mks)

17. a)List three paragraph formatting activities in word processing  (3mks)

 b)Differentiate between bolding and highlighting text (2mks)

c) The following information shows the income and expenditure for “bebayote “ matatu for five days.  The income from Monday to Friday was Kshs. 4,000, 9,000, 10, 000, 15,000 and 12,000 respectively while the expenditure for the same period was Kshs.  2,000, 3,000, 7,000, 5,000 and 6,000 respectively

i)Draw a spreadsheet that would contain the information.  Indicate the rows as 1, 2, 3 …. And the columns as a, B, C    (4mks)

ii)State the expression that would be used to obtain:

 I Monday’s profit  (2mks)

 II Total income (2mks)

III)Highest expenditure (2mks)

18.a) Subtract 0112  from 10012 (1mk)

 b)Using two’s compliment, subtract 7 from 4 and give the answer in decimal notation (4mks)

c) Convert

i) 91B16  to octal    (3mks)

ii) 3768   to hexadecimal   (3mks)

iii) 9.62510 to binary  (4 mks)

19.a) Explain what the following DOS commands will do when executed.

    i)  A: \copy *.* B:    (2 mks)

   ii)   C: \> ERASE*. DOC   (2mks)

  iii)   b: \> Md EXAMS  (2mks)

 b)  i)  With the aid of a diagram, explain hierarchical (tree) network topology   (3mks)

  ii)List two advantages and two disadvantage of hierarchical network topology.  (4 mks)



20. a)Name and explain the function of the keyboard keys represented by the following symbols.





  b) Simulation is one of the application areas of computers        

  i) What is meant by the term simulation      (1mk)

  ii)Name two application areas of simulation   (2 mks)

 iii) State three advantages of computer based simulation (3 mks)

 c) Explain three ways in which computers have impacted education (3mks)