OCT. /NOV. KCSE 2002


  • This paper consists of two sections; A and B
  • Answer question 16 and any other three questions from section B

  • All answer should be written in the spaces provided on the question paper.



1.Describe the purpose of each of the following computer functional units:    (2mks)

    a) Control

    b) Storage

2.Explain how each of the following would affect the suitability of a room for use as a computer room: (2mks)

a) Burglar proofed door

b)Availability of taps and sinks in the room

3.State three data representation codes used in computers       (3mks)

4.State two types of documentation in program development and give the purpose of each.     (4mks)

5.Suppose a 5 element array A contains the values 9, 12, 17, 7 and 20.  Find the value in A after executing the loop below:

            Repeat for k = 1 to 4

            Set A [k +1]: = A [k]

                        [End of loop]            (3mks)

6.State any three activities that occur in a program compilation process  (3mks)

7.The formula = k20 + P$ 18 was typed in cell L21 and then copied to cell M24 of a spreadsheet. Write the formula as it appears in cell M24.(2mks)

8.State two ways in which a computer may be used in the efficient running of a hospital (2mks)

9.List three disadvantages of using the traditional file management method          (3mks)

10.Give one disadvantage of a single processor multi-user system    (1mk)

11. List three differences between a micro-computer and a super-computer.         (3mks)

12.State and explain two reasons why word processing is one of the most common applications of many computer users.   (2mks)

13. write- 1 in twos complement notation in byte form                                        (4mks)

14.Explain the following input/output terms as used in computer systems. Give an example for each        (4mks)

  a) Read

  b) Write

15.State two disadvantages of networking.


Answer question 16 and any other three questions from this section.

16.The following flowchart can be used to list the odd numbers between 0 and 100



a)Write a program segment for the flowchart using a high level language.  (7mks)

b)What would be the output from the flowchart if the statement in the decision box is changed to:  (3 mks)

i)          Odd = 100

ii)         Odd< 100

iii)        Odd> 100

c)  Modify the flowchart so that it prints only the sum of the odd number between 0 and 100  (5mks)

17.a)  List five precautions that can be taken to protect data stored in diskettes   (5mks)

b)State and explain two precautions that can be taken to help recover data lost through accidental erasure. (4mks)

   c) Describe each of the following data processing methods:    (6mks)

   i) Batch processing

   ii) Distributed processing

   iii) Multiprogramming

18. a)  i)  What is a computer keyboard?      (1 mk)

           ii)  ist four types of keys found on a computer keyboard.  Give an example of each(4mks)

     b) Give four differences between present day’s computers and the older generation of computers   (4mks)

     c)   i) State three advantages and one disadvantage of using a laser printer.  (4mks)

           ii) Distinguish between a line printer and a page printer             (2mks)

19  a) Identity three public Universities and three National Polytechnics in Kenya where further computer training is offered. In case, state the highest level of qualification that can be acquired in computer training. (6 mks)

b) Distinguish between “Job replacement” and “Job displacement” in reference to computerization.  (2mks)

c) Give four reasons why a firm may decide to computerize its operations.   (4mks)

d) An individual has a right to demand a guarantee of privacy of personal information stored on a computer.Give three such types of information.  (3mks)

20. a)  Give three comparisons of the traditional file management method of typing a document on a typewriter against using a word processor.     (6mks)

      b)  i) Define the term spreadsheet (1 mk)

            ii) Give two examples of spreadsheet packages available in the market today        (2mks)

      c) Explain the following terms as used in a spreadsheet:

             i)  What if …analysis         (2 mks)

             ii) Cell                (1 mk)

             iii) Formula  (1mk)

             iv)  Pie chart                                                                      (2 mks)