Q&A- Internet and E-mail

Internet and E-mail Questions

Define the term internet      1mk

  • The global interconnection of computer networks for purpose of communication and resource sharing

Explain the term web page    1mk

  • A hypertext  page prepared to display the content on the web

Explain the following internet address in reference to the structure of a URL    3mks

  • HTTP- hypertext transfer protocol
  • www – world wide web
  • google – the name of the computer with the web content
  • .com – commercial organization


What is the world wide web                                       1mk

  •  A virtual space on the internet that allows web pages and sites to be accessed

Define the term browser                                    1mk

  •  A software that used viewing of web content

Explain the meaning of the word hyperlink     1mk

  • A text or picture that is a link to another webpage on the internet

What is a search engine?     1mk

  • Is a special program that collects and stores links to information websites allowing users to search its database for them

Explain the meaning of the term internet service provider            1mk

  • A company that offers internet services to end-users

Identify three elements apart from a computer that is required for one to be connected to the internet    3mk

  • Modem
  • Internet software
  • Internet service provider
  • Telecommunication lines
  • TCP/IP protocols


Define the term modem 1mk

  • Stands for modulator-demodulator
  • A device that enables telecommunication to use telephone lines

What is a protocol? Write the following in full: TCP/IP, HTML, HTTP and FTP           5mks

  • Protocols – are special communication rules that govern sending and receiving of messages by computers on a network
  • Html – hypertext markup language
  • Hypertext transfer protocol
  • Transmission Control Protocol
  • Internet Protocol
  • File Transfer Protocol

What would you do if a website refused to load on the browser within the first attempt?   1mk

  • Click the refresh button on the toolbar

 State three internet services                         3mks

  • Instant messaging
  • E-mails
  • E-commerce
  • Social media and networks
  • E-learning


Define the term internet telephony      1mk

  • Transmission of voice data over the internet

State three benefits of the internet in our society

  • Provides a platform for conducting business and marketing
  • Provides many platforms such as social media through which people can contact each other
  • Cost saving
  • Efficient communication

State the role of an ISP.

  • To provide access to the Internet

Describe the function of a web browser

Convert the HTML into a webpage which is rendered on the screen

What is a web browser?

  • A software which can display a webpage on a user's computer screen

What is a Uniform Resource Locator?

  • It is an address to a resource on the internet

Define the following

(a) Cookies

(b) Spyware

(c) Phishing


(e) Pharming



(a) Cookies

  • Information that a website stores about a user on their hard disk; this enables
    the website to remember details about the user when they next visit the website.

(b) Spyware

  • Program installed on a PC to gather information about the user. It monitors
    every key press and relays the information back to the home base

(c) Phishing

  • Sending an email that claims to be from a legitimate company; the recipient is then directed to a bogus website where their personal details will be collected


  • Junk/ (unsolicited) electronic mail advertising products and services sent to a general mailing list.

(e) Pharming

  • Malicious code installed on a PC or on a server. This code directs users to a
    a fraudulent website without their knowledge.

Ahmed uses the Internet for some time and is puzzled by the terminology.
(a) Draw a line to match each description to the appropriate technical term.

  • a computer that responds to requests to provide information and services over the Internet - an Internet server
  • defines how messages are transmitted and formatted over the Internet-HTTP
  • software that enables users to access/view documents and other resources on the Internet - Browser     
  • numerical ID for each device on the Internet-IP address
  • unique ID for a network interface card  -MAC address

Ahmed sees the message “Set your browser to accept cookies”.
Explain why some websites make this request.

  • to enable logon information to be kept on his computer
  • to provide pages customised for Ahmed the next time he logs on
  • to implement shopping carts and one-click purchasing
  • to be able to distinguish between new and repeat visitors to the website

State the type of software that is needed for logging onto the Internet and finding websites selling goods and services.

  1. logging on
  2. finding websites

logging on

  •  dial-up/communications software/ISPsoftware

finding websites

  •  browser/search engine

State one advantage and one disadvantage for customers of using the Internet for shopping.


  • on-line catalogues can be viewed
  • much larger choice of products
  • product reviews obtainable before purchase
  • orders placed over internet any time day or night
  • download software purchased straight away
  • good and services usually cheaper on the internet
  • programs that can search for best price/cheapest
  • very fast placing an order has been placed as customer name, address
  • and credit card details are stored so no need to re enter
  • buy goods from anywhere in the world
  • no need to go to shop/save travelling time


  • spam
  • need a credit card to shop on-line/not everyone has a credit card
  • hackers could retrieve credit card numbers and use them to buy goods
  • security fears - of giving credit card number over the internet/fraud
  • goods must be delivered/can not have the goods immediately
  • can not touch/handle/see the goods

Describe two effects on society of an increase in the use of the Internet for e-commerce.

  • loss of jobs as some traditional shops/banks close
  • lower profits for companies that do not get involved with e-commerce
  • decline of leisure shopping as goods are bought on-line
  • city centres becoming deserted as shops/banks close down
  • gap between rich and poor widening as richer get savings from
  • shopping on-line
  • more people choosing to interact with computers rather than people
  • increase in small businesses
  • less pollution/travelling

What is online streaming?

  • Refers to the delivery of multimedia content, such video or audio over the internet in real-time. It allows users to access and consume content without downloading it to their device beforehand.