KCSE-History Paper 2

Q1. Kamusinga High School History Paper 2




  1. Give two shortcomings of traditions as a source of history and government 2mks
  2. Name the type of tool made by early man during the new Stone Age
  3. Give the main reason why early agriculture developed in Egypt
  4. State two non-environmental reasons for the domestication of crops and animals by early man
  5. Give two main items of trade during the trans-Saharan trade
  6. Identify the major contribution of Gotlieb Daimler in the field of transport
  7. State two challenges faced by space explorers  
  8. Identify the main source of energy used in early stages of industrial revolution in Europe
  9. State one political effect of the development of iron technology in Africa
  10. List two social functions of the ancient city of Athens in Greece
  11. State one way in which public opinion in Europe contributed to colonization in Africa
  12. Give the main reason why the British did support Samori Toure  during the Franco-Prussian war
  13. Give two ways in which African collaboration with the Europeans hastened colonization in Africa
  14. State two differences between French and British colonial administrations
  15. State the main aim of formation of United Nations Organization
  16. Identify one condition that a country has to fulfil to become a member of the non-aligned movement
  17. Name two houses of parliament in Great Britain


Answer any three questions from this section

18. (a) give two ways in which the agrarian Revolution in England affected the lives of small scale farmers

(b) discuss the factors that led to agrarian revolution  in north-america 12mks

19.(a) state three problems faced by industry workers in Europe during industrial revolution

(b)explain six factors hindering industrialization in south Africa

20(a) Give three political rights enjoyed by assimilated Africans in the four communes of

  b) explain the consequences of land appointment act of 1930 in Zimbabwe

21 (a) give five external factors that promoted Nationalism in Africa

       (b)explain six factors that favoured the success of FRELIMO nationalist during the struggle for independence  in Mozambique

Section C   (30mks)

Answer two questions from this section

22 (a) List three European countries that formed triple alliance before the outbreak of first world war

(b) Explain six political consequences of the Second World War

23 (a) name five organs of the revived east African community

(b)explain five achievements of the Economic  Community  West African  States (ECOWAS)

24 (a) mention three categories of persons  who are disqualified from voting in Britain

    (b) Explain five functions of the president of India