What You Need to Know When Making Career Choices

Tuesday, 13 April, 2021

In Kenya, when children reach form 2, they are made to choose subjects which are the mostly likely to define they career paths in addition to the outcome of their KCSE results.

There are factors that both the parent and the child should consider while making career choices.

  1. Ability of your child
  2. The affluence of the parents
  3. The attitude of the child towards the subject chosen
  4. The marketability of the Course  intended to be pursued
  5. Mean grade obtained at KCSE

Ability of the Child

If your kid joined high school with very low marks, for instance below 240, you should advise the child to concentrate on subjects such Physics, Mathematics and Agriculture. Such students are likely to score very low grades at form four and may qualify only to pursue artisan and craft courses.

For student who joined high school with marks that are above 250 and they have continuously performed well from form one to the end of form 2, should be encouraged to take all sciences and mathematics. These students are likely to go towards medical field or engineering so they should never leave any of the sciences

The affluence of the Parents

If the parent is affluent enough and the child also joined high school with good marks - above 240 marks, the parents should allow the child to take the subjects he or she likes since the parents can wait as long as it takes for the girl or the boy to get done with the career.

Students who come from humble backgrounds have parents who are already wallowing in abject poverty. These students should strive to make the life of their parents manageable. They should take courses that are known to take a short time for one to be employed after graduation. These courses include Bachelors or Diploma in Education, Bachelors of Nursing, (Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and Bachelor of Clinical Medicine. For teaching, the current subject combinations that are very marketable include Computer Studies/Any other subject, Physics/Chemistry and Agriculture/Biology.

The attitude of the child towards the subjects

As much as a child can be advised to take a given career path, it should never be forced, always go with what the child likes. If the child has a negative attitude towards a given subject, do not force it down his or her throat. Attitude may affect performance of a child in a given subject.

The marketability of the Course intended to be pursued

A child may like a given course however affluence of the parents may force his or her to check if there is readily available employment after graduation. If the course needs a series of internships before one gets employed then there is need to think twice. If the child’s background is good enough then marketability of a course should never be anything to go by. Such a child can get some cash from parents and creates his or her own job in line with his or her career.

The mean grade obtained at KCSE

For a student with mean grade of C+ and above there is an option of doing a very marketable diploma course or a degree course. If you fail to get admitted for a marketable degree course then, when doing revision, choose a diploma in the same area. Choosing a degree course that is not marketable can be a very unfortunate thing for a child from a humble background since getting employment with that course may prove to be a hard nut to crack.

A student with a grade less than C+ may opt for Diploma courses and they should also consider the affluence of their parents when choosing these courses.

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