Saturday, 09 January, 2021

The commission has noted a large number of teachers that were seeking support through their social media platforms. Due to this, the TSC  has deduced that the field officers are not doing much as far as TPAD sensitization is concerned. It is this that made them explain the roles of all educational officers in the TPAD system. The roles are as follows:

County Directors

  • Change teachers' designation to Teacher, Deputy Head of Institution, and Head of Institution
  • Transfer teachers from one station to the other
  • View all the sub-counties and zones in the county
  • Add and change an ICT officer
  • Countersigning for Heads of Secondary Schools
  • Change a teacher's institution
  • Cancelling Appraisals
  • Can assign a teacher to be an appraiser and revoke the appraisal rights as well
  • Generate various County Reports

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