Prof. Magoha Admonishes Vice Chancellors to Expedite University Performance

Saturday, 01 May, 2021

It was a graduation of its kind. The first virtual graduation that Maseno University has ever held. The occasion however was not marked with pomp and splendour as is usually the case. Only a handful of guests and staff attended the ceremony as students were attending virtually. The ceremony which usually takes almost two days ended as early as 10 am. The occasion was graced by the minister of education prof. Magoha and the deputy governor of Kisumu County who represented the governor

 The minister lauded Maseno University for successfully establishing the faculty of medicine that matches the standards of those of other universities known for the same faculty. He praised Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nyabundi for establishing several infrastructural development projects at Maseno Univesity. However, he asked the Vice Chancellors in all universities to desist from starting new projects but embark on completing the current projects.

On staffing, the professor posited that the performance gets better when most of the university staff is the academic staff. Prof. Magoha urged university professors to up their get research funds from outside the country rather than relying fully on government funds. The Vice-Chancellors were asked to retain retired professors well versed in research who can write good proposals to solicit funds even outside the country.  

He asserted that university should train students in such a way that they will be able to create own jobs. He wondered why a student trained in any agricultural course should wait for employment for another ten years.

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