HELB Stalemate

Tuesday, 02 March, 2021

Higher Education Loans Board plays a key instrumental role in servicing the University fees for most of our youth hence securing the future of our young people as well as the country at large through provision of a competent and globally competitive labor force.

However this crucial dream of the entity has been blurred with numerous challenges impacting negatively the lives of our young citizenry who are thirsty for education and whose desire for a better society is overwhelming.

During the recent Kenya Universities Student Association (KUSA) Western games involving the varsities hailing from the western region, held in Rongo University, a huge number of students expressed their dissatisfaction following the delayance in the disbursement of funds meant to facilitate their studies. Some of them got extremely emotional while trying to explain the debilitating effects they've experienced. This has forced a good number of students to defer their studies since they solely rely on the funds from the institution for even their basic needs such as accommodation and food. A good number of our students come from humble backgrounds and their only hope for a better tomorrow and a better society is education. Nonetheless some of them whose parents can afford the hefty education fees have continued their studies uninterrupted. They have therefore urged the government to act with speed and ensure that these monies are disbursed to their various institutions for the continued persuit of their dreams.

In conclusion, matters education of the youth is very important and therefore I would be so disappointed to witness a recurrence of this unfortunate happening. The government should therefore investigate this and put measures in place to ensure that it doesn't happen again in future.

Unless the government is at war with its young people, I believe it cannot turn a blind eye on this both delicate and significant matter.

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