By the end of this lesson you should  be able to:

  1. Define a database
  2. Disadvantages of manual database
  3. Define a database management system
  4. State examples of DBMS softwares
  5. State functions a database management system software
  6. State database models
  7. State features of a database management software
  8. Create a database using microsoft access


Disadvantages of manual database

  1. Data duplication
  2. Time wastage and boredom during searching
  3. Poor data entry  and organization may be misleading
  4. Poor update of records

Database concepts

A database is a collection of structured and related data items organized so as to provide consistent and controlled access to the items. To create organize and maintain a database, A Database Management System (DBMS) software is used.

Examples of database management software

  • Microsoft access (Ms access)
  • Ms. SQL server
  • Oracle
  • FoxPro
  • Dbase1v
  • Lotus Approach ........ Read More>>