Career Opportunities in ICT

Career Opportunities in ICT Lesson I

By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:

  • Describe career opportunities in ICT


  • write,test and maintain programs
  • They follow specifications determined by computer software engineers and system analyst to write programs
  • Customises standard application software to suit the organisation's needs

Categories of programmers

Application programmers write programs to handle a specific job such as a program to track inventory in an organisation

System Programmers write programs to maintain and control computer system software such as operating systems, networking systems and database systems. They also help application programmers to determine the problems that may occur with their programs.

Software engineers

  • Design new hardware,software and systems.
  • Apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of software and systems that enable computers to perform their many application
  • Are involved in the design, development of many types of softwares including operating systems and compilers
  • Develop user and technical documentation for a newly developed softwares.
  • Updating of softwares to make more efficient and improve useability.

Computer Hardware Engineer

  • They research, develop and test computer hardware components.
  • They redesign various computer hardware components to improve useability and efficiency.
  • Design computer controlled gadgets used in manufacturing for instance, robots.

Information System Managers

  • Discuss system requirements and specifications with the clients
  • Analyse system requirements and specifications to develop new and improved systems
  • Recruit programmers, system analysts and supervises them during system development.
  • Controls budget and expenditure of the department

Database Administrators(DBA)

  • They determine user requirements and create database systems using database management systems
  • Adds new users to the database
  • Design and implement system security
  • ensures data integrity,backs up data and keeping the database secure.

Career Opportunities in ICT Lesson II

By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:

  • Describe various career opportunities in ICT

Computer Technicians

  • By use of diagnostic softwares, the locate the cause of failure and fix computer equipments
  • They install new hardware and software
  • They service and maintain computer equipment according to manufacturer's recommendations
  • Assembling and upgrading computers and their components

Computer Trainer

  • They train people on how to use various application programs.
  • Prepares standard assessment material and administer them to leraners to assess their knowledge.
  • Prepares training materials and training schedules
  • Guides learners on the career opportunities in ICT field

Webmaster/Web Administrators

  • Develop and host websites with webhosting companies
  • Updates websites to meet the current needs of their clients
  • Maintains the websites by checking for errors
  • Ensures data security by implementing access levels control based on roles
  • Registers the website with a search engine to increase hit rates
  • Monitors and provides statistics on the performance of the websites

Web Designers

  • Responsible for design and creation of websites

Network Administrators

  • installation of new file servers and workstations
  • Troubleshooting of LANs
  • Backup of servers and workstations
  • Upgrade of existing software
  • Administration of network security

System Administrators

  • co-ordinates system updates
  • provides assistance in testing new equipment and systems
  • trains technical staff  how to use or access a new system
  • establishes access controls and data security
  • optimises performance, ensures system backup, set up system recovery procedures in case of system failure.
  • Determines information needs,system definitions and data flows in consultation with technical,manegerial and administrative staff.